Top 10 Money Saving Tips while buying kitchen appliances

If you want to buy some new appliances for your new or present kitchen, here are ten few tips to help save you some money while buying good quality appliances. Always keep in mind you don’t have to buy cheap to save money.

• Buy an appliance that is energy efficient, you want your kitchen appliance to have the lowest operating costs possible. Take some time to compare different appliances according to their energy efficiency.

• Extra settings and different colours on appliances cost much extra , so ask yourself if you really need the extra setting on your new slow cooker or coffee maker and if you really do need it in that shiny colour. Buying a general colour and an appliance with only the basic functions works out much cheaper and in the end you are only going to use the basic functions.

• When buying appliances always keep maintenance costs and the cost of spare parts in mind, buy appliances that have extended service contracts and warranties. Also look at models of equipment that do not need things like filters and other parts to be replaced regularly.

• Especially with large appliances shipping and delivery can be very costly, try to negotiate and look for free or lower cost shipping and delivery fees. If possible you can pick up your own appliances and take them home which will also save you some money.

• When it comes to kitchen appliances bigger is not always better, only buy an appliance in the size that you will actually be using and keep in mind the space that you have available in your kitchen.

• Another trick in saving money on an appliance is looking for superficial imperfections such as scratches or dents, or taking the demo model. Usually these appliances have nothing wrong with their machinery it is just small superficial faults that won’t affect their efficiency but can save you up to 50% in the price.

• There is always room for negotiation on the price of a kitchen appliance with certain dealers, so make use of this opportunity.

• You have the option of shopping for previously owned appliances, this can save you quite a bit of money but can also be a bit risky, make sure that you have thoroughly inspected the appliance before purchasing it second hand and buy directly from the owner. There are many second hand appliances advertised on the internet if you just shop around a while.

• Lastly SHOP AROUND, compare prices of new and second hand items, go to different suppliers and also look on the internet, take some time to find the perfect appliance at the lowest possible price.

Following the mentioned steps will certainly help you find the kitchen appliance that you are looking for at the best available price. Keep to quality appliances because you want your appliance to last and be worth the money you spent on it. Make sure that you are buying for efficiency and not for the superficial looks of the appliance.